United States National Karate Association

Welcome to the USNKA Website.

Here you will find information about the USNKA and our Founder, Hanshi Jim Mather. You will also get some great historical information on the USNKA, how it came to be, what Hanshi’s journey throughout his life looked like and what led him to create the USNKA, one of the Oldest Traditional Martial Arts Associations in the United States. You will also be able to join the USNKA, and get links to our Association store containing lots of great ways to show your support for the Association including t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, coffee cups, and much more. All proceeds will go directly back into the USNKA, not into anyone’s pocket. We will strive to make your membership experience the best it can be!

Our Founder, Hanshi Jim Mather is probably best known to many as The Arrow Catcher, owing to his many appearances on major network TV shows. But also among his many accomplishments are Stanford University graduate and postgraduate, declared aLiving Martial Arts Legend”, former national coach, member of the martial arts hall of fame, groundbreaking researcher in speed enhancement, fashion model and commercial actor, awardwinning screenwriter, internationally acclaimed magazine writer and columnist, and international speaker, to name only a few.

We offer two types of membership: Individual and Dojo Memberships. Individual memberships are broken down into two levels, Standard Member, and Black Belt. Individual members will receive the following:

  • Membership Certificate Association Patch

  • Association Membership Card

  • Access to USNKA Video classes and courses

  • Access to the USNKA Store

When you sign up for the School Owner/Dojo Membership you will receive the following:

  • USNKA Dojo Affiliation Poster

  • USNKA Patches

  • USNKA Membership Cards

  • Rank Recognition is available

  • Generic Rank Board

Additional Membership benefits include
Large Membership Certificates to display in the dojo or office, membership cards, USNKA patches, plus, if desired and can be documented, a Rank Recognition Certificate, certifying that the member’s rank has been verified.
USNKA Online Store
Access to the variety of USNKA Merchandise such as T-Shirt, Hoodies, Coffee Cups, etc. Any proceeds go directly back into the USNKA to help the Association cover expenses, and to enrich the Membership Experience.