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Here you will find information about the USNKA and our Founder, Hanshi Jim Mather. You will also get some great historical information on the USNKA, how it came to be, what Hanshi’s journey throughout his life looked like and what led him to create the USNKA, one of the Oldest Traditional Martial Arts Associations in the United States. You will also be able to join the USNKA, and get links to our Association store containing lots of great ways to show your support for the Association including t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, coffee cups, and much more. All proceeds will go directly back into the USNKA, not into anyone’s pocket. We will strive to make your membership experience the best it can be!

Our Founder, Hanshi Jim Mather is probably best known to many as The Arrow Catcher, owing to his many appearances on major network TV shows. But also among his many accomplishments are Stanford University graduate and postgraduate, declared aLiving Martial Arts Legend”, former national coach, member of the martial arts hall of fame, groundbreaking researcher in speed enhancement, fashion model and commercial actor, awardwinning screenwriter, internationally acclaimed magazine writer and columnist, and international speaker, to name only a few.

Kyoshi Adam Christopher Fox
General Secretary

Kyoshi Adam Christopher Fox is a highly respected traditional karate teacher who has dedicated his life to martial arts. With a passion ignited in 1985 at the age of 15, Kyoshi Fox began his journey into the world of traditional karate, embarking on a path that would shape him into the teacher he is today.

In June of 1993, Kyoshi Fox achieved a significant milestone in his training by earning his Shodan Black Belt. Since then, he has tirelessly continued his training, accumulating over 38 years of experience, honing his skills and deepening his understanding of traditional karate.

Throughout his martial arts career, Kyoshi Fox has been part of the United States National Karate Association (USNKA) for over 30 years. His dedication to the association and his contributions to the karate community have earned him the esteemed position of General Secretary, reflecting his commitment to promoting and preserving the art of traditional karate.

In recognition of his exemplary skills and dedication, Kyoshi Fox was promoted to the prestigious rank of 7th Dan in June of 2021 by his Mentor and Founder of the USNKA, Hanshi Jim Mather. This promotion, a testament to his hard work and unwavering commitment, was a significant milestone in his martial arts journey. Additionally, Mather Hanshi bestowed upon him the distinguished title of Kyoshi. This title represents Kyoshi Fox’s deep understanding of the more philosophical aspects of traditional karate and acknowledges his ability to impart this knowledge to his students.

Kyoshi Fox’s teaching style is focused on bringing out the best in his students, both physically and mentally. He specializes in teaching attitudes and guiding students to explore the more profound philosophical side of martial arts. With a strong belief that traditional karate offers valuable lessons beyond physical techniques, he helps his students gain a better understanding of the martial arts and themselves as a whole.

With his extensive knowledge, experience, and passion for traditional karate, Kyoshi Fox continues to make a profound impact on his students and the martial arts community. His dedication to preserving the art form and instilling the true essence of traditional karate in his students is a testament to his lifelong commitment to martial arts excellence.